Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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Please Watch: ""Run Through the Jungle"

Please Watch: "Season of the Witch"


BBC Interview with Walter Love

  • Walter Love of BBC Northern Ireland interviews Nanette Natal.
    (To listen to a lively discussion about art and politics, click here.)

Jazz Inspired

  • Judy Carmichael interviews Nanette Natal. To listen, click here.

David Love Jones - CITR Vancouver "African Rhythms Radio" (click here to listen; works best with Safari, or Firefox)

  • An hour long interview with a spotlight on Nanette's Jazz tracks that have been played in dance clubs worldwide by top-notch DJs .

Don Wolff - KMOX radio "The Voice of St. Louis" (click here to listen; works best with Safari, or Firefox)

  • A half hour segment highlighting Nanette's career and Benyo Music Productions.

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