Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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All Media Guide: "...She is an extraordinary, multi-faceted singer with a range like Sarah Vaughn and an ability to sweep and swoop, stretch the words, and be at home with several types of singing styles. Her scatting skills approach those of the scatting mistress, Ella Fitzgerald..."

Jazz Times: "... up there with the top Jazz singers..."

TimeOut New York: "...Nanette Natal could easily coast on her impressive range, but she doesn't; instead she takes intrepid sojourns from slick jazz into blues and soul..."

Cadence: "...she's a hell of a singer...the extended improv marvels are the most fascinating, like an intense You Go to My Head that ends up somewhere close to Coltrane's Equinox. This is jazz singing at its highest level."

The New York Times: "An accomplished scat singer with a vocal range that allows her to execute complicated or demanding phrases with polish and assurance...Miss Natal bends and twists her notes in unexpected fashions, makes startling leaps around the scales, and has the daring to expand and extend what might be a satisfactory note to open up a fresh and revealing color."

Jazz Review: "...One of the most sensitive performers around. Natal’s truly impressive vocal range is, perhaps, what first-time listeners notice...Nanette Natal demonstrates the art of the ballad...favorably compared with the late Sarah Vaughan. Very, very classy!.."

All About Jazz: "That Nanette Natal is a genuine jazz singer in the grandest tradition of Ella, Sassy, and Dinah Washington (whose approach she recalls a bit), is clear from the first moments of her entrance on Stairway to the Stars. Backed only by drums, she attacks 'Fascinating Rhythm' with utter confidence and full-throated passion, tempered by a supremely confident playfulness. Her extended scat section here recalls Ella at her most daring."

CMJ Report: "Nanette Natal is a versatile singer who can slip like nothin' from jazzy Torch to earthy Blues."

Jazz Podium, Germany: "...Regarded as a highly recommended hot tip from New York...her vocals are enormous, sometimes lightly breathed, sometimes saucy and sharp, sometimes threateningly dark sounding, but simply impressive"...

Jazz Hot, France: "Nanette Natal has an instrumental voice both feline and she can scat without imitating anyone else--quite rare isn't it?"

Jazz Journal International, U.K.: "...A real find. Blessed with a delightfully warm, rich and powerful voice... a mature singer at the top of her game..."