Nanette Natal - Jazz Vocalist & Recording Artist, NYC
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Truth Is On The Wire   Sweet Summer Blue   I Must Be Dreaming   It's Only a Tune   My Song Of Something   Is Love Enough?   Lose Control   Stairway to the Stars

This album is rooted in distinctly American sounds: Jazz, Blues, Gospel, New Orleans carnival style.

"[Natal] brings to her songs the most important thing of all: heart...She lives her songs as well as sings them... [Natal] evokes the feel of Blues, but [her music] is more elaborate...In this music, we hear the other side of the American dream: the dark side."
- JAZZ HOT, France

"There are great jazz undertones and a legacy to Billie's 'Strange Fruit'.
- Mark Blundred, BBC Radio, UK

"[Natal] challenges her audience to think...[her] impressive songs and her strong voice have an enormous impact. It is almost impossible to ignore them. Her critique of the land of the brave and the free doesn't just fade into the ether. It reaches the audience very directly and inspires."


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